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Valerie Bledsoe

Valerie Bledsoe, BS, MH, CNHP received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Health from College of the Ozarks and has always said this was an ideal education for laying her foundational approach to health as vitamin and mineral deficiencies were routinely looked at when it came to improving the health of the animal.

Valerie’s interest in health was prompted at the age of 14 when the medical community failed to successfully address family health issues.  Success came only after root causes and lifestyle changes were addressed. Valerie became obsessed with improving health with alternative approaches and attended numerous training courses, immersed herself in countless herbal books and eventually opened her own store and practice in which she served the local community for 22 years.  Twice weekly education classes were a routine part of her schedule, often teaching uncommon uses for encapsulated supplements, or thinking outside the capsule.  She is now a highly sought after practitioner and speaker and has a popular training YouTube channel.  Over the course of her 44 years in the industry she has become a Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor.  She has also received training in flower essence work, iridology and MRT to name a few.