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From 14 Prescriptions to 2!

"As I write commercials for a living, I thought writing a quick testimonial for Valerie Bledsoe would be an easy thing to whip out.  However, here I am 2 days later still struggling.  How do I put in just a few words all the impact Valerie has made in my life or what she stands for, or who she is or even what she does?  Impossible.  You have to experience the wonder of Valerie yourself to understand.  I will say when I met Valerie I had no expectations.  I was in a bad place and spiraling downwards.  That was several years ago, and I give her total credit in turning my path and totally changing my life.  This humble, sweet woman is without a doubt my absolute hero.  If you want numbers, here's a couple of mine.  I've gone from 14 prescriptions with still out of control diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and numerous emotional issues to 2 maintenance prescriptions, a wonderful new career, and a much happier life.  As Mrs. Bledsoe once whispered to me. . . "What if it is okay to be happy?""

Terry D.

"Healthiest Pregnancy Seen in a Long Time!"

"I’ve been trying to post this for awhile, and while so much of my struggle was sharing a very very personal experience, a lot of it was really just because I am speechless with where Solle Naturals has brought me in my life (and where it’s taking me!). While I could get totally emotional, I am going to keep this lighthearted because that’s the Vital talking. I want to announce that I am expecting my first child on Thanksgiving of this year! And in the spirit of THANKS, there are some Solle Naturals awards that are way overdue… First and foremost I wouldn’t even be posting this if it weren’t for Valerie Bledsoe. So she, of course, gets the award for most amazing, fantastic, wonderful, helpful, Specialist. She is so awesome at answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction… not sure what I would do without her. With all of that being said, I think I should hand out a couple more awards for my favorite Solle Naturals “pregnancy” lifesavers. I cannot say enough about Excell… so Excell gets the award for MOST LIFE CHANGING for the obvious reasons. I recommend this product for anyone struggling to balance their hormones. I’ve actually got living proof this product works. Since there is (LITERALLY) a tube in every room of my house, the MOST HELPFUL award would go to Solleflex AC Cream. With all of these aches and pains, there is no doubt in my mind I would actually die without this product. Just note that those pesky pregnancy headaches will be relieved rubbing SolleFlex AC Cream over your liver and drinking 1, maybe 2 Vital per day. Solle Vital is receiving the award for MOST ENERGIZING! For anyone that has been pregnant in the heat of the Summer, an icy refreshing Vital midday is a true lifesaver, and a welcome boost of energy. Solle Complete is receiving the award for MOST COMPLETE! Sounds redundant, but when there’s a product that keeps a pregnant woman full for a couple hours, I am all about it (by the way, this is the ONLY product that will do that). I have been drinking Complete every morning for well over a year now and will be continuing. Speaking of Complete….I had one very small bout of nausea (2 days worth) throughout my entire first trimester, and if you wonder why…I truly believe it is due to the Complete and Vital combination. Everyone cringes when they ask me how I am feeling….when I say I am great I get a lot of very confused looks. SolleMegas get the award for “MOST VIBRANT”. I am staying sharp and warding off that “pregnancy brain” as well as hopefully providing a great foundation for my babies brain and development at the same time!! So cheers to what my doctor says is one of the healthiest pregnancies she has seen in a long time!"

Micha W

Adaptogens for the Win!

"I will start with myself…. I was introduced to Solle Naturals about 6 months before I decided to take the plunge…. My sister died 8-19-2013, my step-mom a year before that, my husband had been sick with an autoimmune disease for over a year, we had moved back to Kingman 8 months prior, I had started a new job, and I was working 3/4 time at a second job….to say the least I WAS STRESSED! OH & I had put a “few” pounds on. A dear friend of mine gave me a set of roller bottles, filled with awesomeness, and introduced me to Valerie. Let me tell you it was love at first sight! She has literally helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life. I was extremely depressed after loosing my sister and with the help of Valerie and Solle Naturals products I got my spunk back. I started with the oils. Each oil has a special little place in my heart. Lift has helped me stay awake when I had very little sleep and brought me out of my funk, Clarify has helped me with acne and when I smashed my hand under the edge an industrial grill. I should have had major bruising but right after my hand was released I sprayed it with the “sunburn” potion and poof swelling went down and no bruising! When I was being a “good girl” and drinking my shakes my knees quit hurting and I lost 15 pounds. My middle son was diagnosed with ADHD in the 2nd grade. After years of narcotics he has been mess free since last December THANKS to SOLLE ReNue. My husband takes all the products an he has been steady regaining his energy, muscle spasms and pain are almost gone. If he has too much sugar he can drink an excell and it makes him feel better. Our youngest son broke his foot and with the help of Solle AC cream, balance, and clarify oils his healing went fast and minimal bruising. Valerie’s knowledge, friendship and guidance is more valuable than I can even imagine. She has taught me more about knowing my body and how different parts can tell you what is going with other parts. She is my go to guru!"

Samantha B